Man Speechless After Discovering His Dog Having An Intimate Moment With Their Rooster

The world is indeed full of wonders. Whenever you look around you, there are just thousands and thousands of things that would pique your curiosity. From the simple things like the number of stars in the sky, to complex things like the technology we see in our daily lives, there is always something to marvel about.



Us humans have taken a liking on dogs, specifically, probably because of their adorable looks and cute temperament. Even in our news feeds, a lot of videos of dogs appear here and there. But have we ever wondered what these dogs do when no one is looking?





A video uploaded on Facebook showed what dogs sometimes do when their owners is not around. In the footage, it shows a dog being stuck to a rooster at the backyard of the owner. It was a bizarre sight to see; one of those things that actually make you think “How did that happen?”



Now, we know that dogs, when in heat, looks for a partner which they can mate with. But a chicken? And not just a chicken, but a rooster at that matter. Now that’s some weird work of nature right there.




The owner of the animals even tried to separate them but to no avail. As how it works, the owner have no option but just to wait it out.




The dog probably will remain stuck to the rooster until  finishes what he intended to accomplish in the first place.


I don't know what to say …

Posted by Feedy Animals on Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Now we really have to be careful with where we leave our pets so we won’t have to witness this rather weird occurrence.


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