Woman Helps Friend To Go Abroad, Friend Steals Her Husband In Return

Nowadays, it is rare to find a friend who is willing to give you a helping hand. That is why you should cherish this kind of friendship if ever you came across one. But sometimes, some people doesn’t simply know how value such treasure and instead give something else in return.



Elloraine Lamb gave Maria Salvacion “Salve” Masayon, her best friend of over 10 years, an opportunity of a lifetime. But Salve chosed betrayed her instead and took her Canadian husband.




Elloraine and Salve’s history goes way back in 2006. They were both nursing students at Adamson University in Manila. They finished their course four years later in 2010. Both became successful after their graduation. Elloraine becomes hired in Canada while Salve worked in Saudi Arabia.



During her stay in Canada, Elloraine met and eventually tied the knot with a Canadian citizen named Bryhton Lamb. The couple soon had a baby. Due to her work, Elloraine need someone who will take care of her child.




That’s when she tapped in Salve to shortly work for her as a nanny. It is a good deal in a nutshell, Canada provide tons of opportunities for health care workers like Salve. All she needs to do is finish her exclusive contract as she awaits for her residence visa.



But Elloraine plan for her friend took a twisted turn. Salve whom she thought as a friend all these years turns out to be a snake that will destroy her marriage. Salve did not only took take of her baby but also her husband, Bryhton, as well.



She immediately notice that something is amiss between the two right after Salve arrive in Canada last July 2019. As much as she wanted to confront her best friend and her husband, she has no sold proof of their affair. Salve flew back to the country to celebrate her father’s day. Elloraine paid for her vacation from November 19 to December 5.




Elloraine finally lost it upon Salve’s return to Canada. Her husband picked her from the airport all by himself. She also noticed the sweetness between Bryhton and Salve when they went shopping for Christmas last December 7.



She went to check her husband phone and finally discovered what has been going on. The two were already exchanging sweet messages and moments while Elloraine is busy at work.




Now with a solid proof on hand, Elloraine decided to end it and confronted the two. Surprisingly, Bryhton took Salve’s side and told her that their relationship is now over.




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