Woman Admitted To Medical Facility Due To A Habit Of Changing Undergarment Once A Month

Regardless of how hectic your life or how lazy you are, personal hygiene is very important! It does not only mean showering or brushing your teeth. But it also includes changing your clothes on a regular basis.



Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case for this 23-year-old girl known as Fang Fang from Wuhan, China. The medical facility had to have her admitted due to her strange habit of changing her undergarment only once every month.

According to, Fang Fang said that she had begun to feel unwell about two months ago. But she did not do anything about it at that time. About 10 days after that, she started to experience severe stomach discomfort so her friend sent her for check-up.




The doctors became stunned upon discovering that Fang Fang had [email protected] lesions on her female parts after further examination. They said that such condition is more commonly seen in women who had already reached the menopausal age and is rarely seen in younger women.

They quickly performed an procedure on her to remove to have them removed. However, the mystery was solved when the doctor learned about Fang Fang’s unsanitary habits.


Apparently, Fang Fang said that she became used to using only one undergarment for a month. Surprisingly she would also wear the same bra for several weeks.



According to AM730, the reason she did this was that she was sometimes rather lazy to wash her clothes. She said,

“I am a bit lazy and I rarely wash my underclothes. When I get my period I will continue wearing the same undergarment for about a month and clean it with some tissue.”

The doctor added that this unhygienic habit was one of the reasons that caused lesions appear on her private area as it came from a certain virus. On top of that, Fang Fang also led an unhealthy lifestyle of staying up late and having vices which contributed to her illness as well.




The doctor warned other women to take care of their own lifestyle and hygiene to ensure that they remain healthy. Currently, Fang Fang is still waiting for the test results of the lesions.






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