17 Year Old Teenager Gone Forever After Spending A Night With His GF

The next time you feel amorous and want to cover your partner’s neck in red spots called love bites or hickeys, you should probably take a minute and think about it.



The Mirror reported a 17-year-old, Julio Macias Gonzalez from Mexico suddenly lost his life after his girlfriend gave him a love bite. After spending the evening with his 24-year-old girlfriend he experienced convulsions at the dinner table in front of his family. Though paramedics arrived at the scene, they could not save the teenager.




Physicians believed that the suction force of the love bite caused a blood clot. The then traveled to his brain and that eventually caused a stroke. His family blamed his girlfriend for what happened. The young girl who is surprising much older than the young man immediately went in hiding.



Many correlates loves bites as a proof of intense love and passion. But these reddish skin spots has nothing of any value. They are mere marks caused by strong sucking action on parts of the body, commonly the neck. The force may cause tiny veins known as capillaries just beneath the skin’s surface to rupture.




In rare but extreme cases, the suction can be bad enough to form a blood clot. These microscopic debris can travel to your brain, clogged a major vein and eventually cause a stroke.



A 44 year old woman in New Zealand became admitted at a medical facility after she couldn’t feel or move her left arm. At first the doctors could not figure out the cause, but then noticed the love bites on her neck near a major artery.



According to Metro, she became partially paralyzed after a blood clot caused by the hickey traveled to her heart. Luckily for her, the physicians treated her case with an anticoagulant and recovered fully.






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