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Video Of Father And His Child In Quarantine Facility Breaks Heart Of Netizens Online

For the millions ‘trapped’ in the city of Wuhan and other parts of China, life has definitely taken on a feeling of impris0nment.



Daughters become separated from their mothers, brothers moved away from their sisters and in this case a father had no other choice but look at his son from a glass window.




Becoming one of the unlucky nine million barricaded from leaving the city, one toddler became yet another target of the Wuhan virus, admitted in for quarantine.



The video shows the father mustering all his strength as he looks on his innocent son on isolation.




His defense eventually falls out when the young one asked his dad of a hug in a form of gesture.



The father burst into tears upon witnessing the sight. As much as he wanted to, he had no other choice.



He turns his back and wipe his tears away as his son showed a pondering look why he cannot be with his dad.


The video which has garnered 53.2k retweets witnessed fellow netizens sharing their thoughts on it.

One netizen mentioned that he was willing to offer his life with the baby if he was the father.




Surely, we can only imagine what the father must be going through right now.



With the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the Wuhan Coronavirus as a global emergency, the situation is indeed dire not only for Chinese nationals but also for the global population.


Reported in the New York Times, researchers currently races against time in making conclusions on early research done on the virus. They hope to draw more understanding of how the pathogen behaves and how to best contain it.



The barricade set up in Hubei province managed to block people from going in and out of the area. These even included the facilities inside and of course the service they offered. Yet another sad scene recently made round on social media.



According to source, a 50 year old woman went all out for the treatment of her 26 year old daughter. The mother, Lu Yuejin had to plead to the authorities to let them in for the welfare of her daughter Hu Ping.



Ping needs to receive her second-round chem0therapy for her l3uk3mia failed to do so ever since the outbreak overwhelmed the medical facilities in Wuhan.

“My daughter needs to go to the hospital in Jiujiang. She needs to have her treatment.”



As her daughter laid on the ground wrapped in a blanket. She asked the official to even leave her behind just for her daughter to pass through.

“Please, take my daughter. I don’t need to go past. Just let my daughter go past.”



After pleading her case to the authorities, they finally gave permission. They took both the mother and daughter via an ambulance and to their respective facility.

“All I want to do is save her life.”



Understanding that all the officials could do was a part of their duty, it is instances like this that give a glimmer of hope especially to those who need it the most.

Let’s pray that the efforts and search for a vaccine are fruitful to help us through these trying times.


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