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Young Parents Receives Heavy Criticisms Due To Their Feeding Tutorial Video

Many considers parenthood as a very rewarding experience and a privilege.

Becoming a parent is not just some sort of a job, it is more of an honor to raise an angel to become the person he or she should be.



 However, these particular parents seem to make fun of their child, not in a good way, but something terrible.




Recently, a couple created a video tutorial that teaches parents how to make babies eat porridge at two months. But what caught the attention of the netizens is not about the video itself but on how they fed their 2 month old baby.



The video of the infant instantly circulated on social media as the online users shared it. Many expressed their outrage and disappointment at what these couple were doing to their baby


The video shows a mother feeding her little baby with porridge.



But this elicits massive dissapproval from some parents who believe that solid foods should be introduced when the baby reaches age of atleast six month old. What made the whole thing worse is the fact fed their child lying down with his the hands allegedly tied up.



The video was shared by Erlina L. probably a first-time mom and dad making a video tutorial out of their feeding time. The Asian Parent has provided a translation to what the father was saying with,


“This is how a two-month-old baby reacts.”

According to the father, what they’re doing is the right method on how to feed a 2-month old.



“We’ve fed him. He’s very hungry, and just eat everything up. Are you hungry, little one?” The right method?”

“For new moms who have children out there, this is the right method to feed a 2-month-old baby. Tie his hands up using this.



“Then, don’t forget to dilute the food with some water.

“Otherwise, without any water, we risk clogging the child with food. Do try your best to feed the child first before bathing him.”


Orang tua yg bodoh. Bayi 2 bulan blm waktunya mpasi dini.. berakibat fatal bahkan kematian…. Jgn sampai terulang ke bayi2 yg lain. Mpasi makanan selain asi hanya untuk bayi 6 bulan ke atas…. Sayangi anak anda.

Posted by Erlina L on Tuesday, September 11, 2018


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