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Netizens di maiwasang maiyak sa mga posts ni Tirso Cruz III tungkol sa pumanaw nyang anak na si Teejay

Like the old saying goes “No parent should ever have to bury their child”, it hurts more for parents to see and let their child go. It is not the normal order of things.

However, we do not live in a perfect world and as hard as much to accept, such things happen.


One of the industry’s best actors Tirso Cruz recently send netizens breaking into tears after some of his instagram posts were uploaded on social media.



Unbelievably, the actor still send messages to his late son who departed two years ago.


Teejay Cruz lost his life after a long fought battle with [email protected] back in 2018.

He is the eldest son of veteran actor Tirso Cruz. A big part of his father also went away with him after when he left.

Although he may not be here anymore physically, his spirit still lives through his family and his father.








He is with them every step of the way in their hearts and in their mind.

The veteran actor still post message to his son almost everyday as if he never left.


Tirso makes sure he always updates Teejay about what is going on with him and his family.

On one post, he even wished to wrap his arms to his son again the way he did in the photo which is now achingly impossible to happen ever.







He always misses his son and if what’s his doing is not love, I don’t know what is.

Showing his son what’s his mama is doing amid the quarantine. And yes, he could surely see everything they’re doing from up there.

“How I wish you were still around doing these thing you love and makes you happy,” 

He might be busy but his son never goes out of his mind. He never skips a detail telling his son about his activity.







It appears that nothing became all the same in their family without him. There’s always a void that only him can fill.

“Anyway, ang pogi mo dito sa pic na ito ha? But I know you are much more good looking now where you are.”

The second birthday he had without his son and how would tell him the current event as if he’s just there in one corner and alive but not anymore.

Truly it is very hard to be in a situation similar to Tirso, any parent can certainly agree on this.







Hopefully they also have a social media up there so Teejay can see all the messages his father sends to him.

What can you say?



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