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Kilalanin ang hot na anak ng former TGIS stars na si Diego Castro at Raven Villanueva

Having celebrity parents have its own advantage and disadvantages.

Their lives will be much lesser private compared to ordinary kids due to the popularity of their parents.


The society also by defaults expects much more from because of their high profile background.

On the other hand, celebrity kids will always had an advantage when it comes to following the footsteps of their parents in becoming a celebrity.




The kids and teenagers of the 90s used to enjoy a lot of youth oriented series.

These programs tackle the common problems of teenagers as they grow up.



The likes of G-mik and TGIS were common household names for youth oriented programs back then.


Some of their casts eventually grow to become the famous names in today’s showbiz industry.

Like everyone else, these stars eventually have a family of their own.


And like what we mentioned earlier, avid fans had since look forward to their children following up the showbiz career of their parents.

Unknown to many, the former TGIS members Diego Castro and Raven Villanueva actually had a relationship beyond the lenses of the camera.



The former couple eventually had a daughter who grow up to be just like her parents when it comes to star quality.



Meet Claire Castro, the young and hot daughter of Diego and Raven.



According to her bio, she currently works as an artist to GMA7, the same network where her parents used to work before.



Sources told that she signed a contract with them back in 2018.

As per her father Diego, Claire had been used to act in front of cameras. He mentioned that her daughter had been doing workshops at the early age of 7 years old.



“Reuter baby kasi siya, like me also. Pero ang maganda doon, she did it on her own. I mean I never got her into anything.”



“Siguro na-expose siya. And then nag-Thirty Days kami before, doon niya nagustuhan ‘yung working behind the cameras.”



In an interview, Claire shared that she looked up at the famous Kapuso actress Marian Rivera as her role model.

“I’ve always looked up to Ms. Ma­rian ever since I was a kid. I remember doing her iconic Marimar role in front of the mirror, and now that I’m officially a Kapuso, I can’t wait to meet her” 



If there is any advise her father could give her as she venture out in showbiz, Diego has this to say:

“I guess the best tip I can give her is humility, kasi no matter how pretty or talented you are, kung wala kang humility babagsak ka nang mabilis,” 

Doesn’t Claire look very gorgeous?

What can you say?


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