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Did Clint Bondad Posts Pertains To Catriona Gray’s Relationship With Sam Milby?

It has been more than a year since Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and Clint Bondad called it quits .

The Filipina-Australian beauty queen and the Kapuso actor have been together for six years.

They confirmed their breakup in February last year.




Sam Milby and Catriona Gray rocked the Twitter world last week after the actor finally confirmed their relationship.

However, it was not only the couple who trended on social media platform Twitter.


An account allegedly belonging to one Clint Bondad (@ClintBondad) also shared the spotlight.



He posted a lot of tweets, directed to no one in particular, which many netizens say seem to hint at regrets.

One of the tweets that clearly caught the attention of many was about forgetting memories.




“The hardest thing in life has to be deleting the messages, erasing the pictures, and forgetting the memories. And wishing it was all unreal,” 

“Can you ever stop loving someone?”


“We can’t force them to choose us” and also, “I’m happy for you don’t worry. I won’t hold you any longer so be happy,”.



The tweets do not pertain to anyone in particular. However, many netizens speculate that these message pertains to Clint’s former love.

We can recall how did ended up unceremoniously for Catriona and Clint.

Previous reports told that Gray opted to choose career over her relationship with Bondad.



It’s still unconfirmed if Clint owns this Twitter account.

Some netizens believe it’s really him because of the resemblance of the way he writes his IG caption.

Meanwhile, netizens also noticed that the Kapuso actor model’s Instagram account still has photos of the beauty queen.



Catriona and Clint had been together as a couple for six years before they decided to end their relationship after the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand.



After that, rumors circulated linking Catriona and Sam and the latter has recently confirmed that they are already a couple through his Instagram post.

What can you say?


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