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Harlene Bautista Breaks Silence Regarding The Rumored Relationship of Ex-Husband Romnick Sarmenta

Harlene Bautista just shrugged off the issues surrounding his div0rced husband Romnick Sarmenta and his his rumored girlfriend Barbara Ruaro.

On Monday, June 15, Romnick made a plea on Facebook not to say bad words to his current girlfriend.




Romnick did not directly name Barbara in her post, but the actor also said readers can guess who she is referring to.

In the case of Romnick and Harlene, they have been separated already for two years and started seeing someone else.




According to Harlene, she doesn’t have to provide any further comment regarding Romnick.

What matters is that they are happy in their own lives.

“E, di mabuti,”


“Kailangan naman niya yun, lalo na ganito na ang sitwasyon, magnenega-nega pa ba?”

“Ang importante, masaya na lang tayong lahat.”


“It’s his life.”



This is Harlene’s statement in an interview with DZRH on Wednesday night, June 17.

They are okay when it comes to their kids, and the kids understand their family set-up.

Their annulment case is still ongoing.



“Umuusad naman. Alam naman natin lahat na nahinto, e.

“Umaandar naman siya noon, e, bago dumating itong COVID na ‘to.

“Hopefully, umandar na siya para matapos na,”



The hearing came into a temporary stop due to ECQ being implemented in Metro Manila.

Since this court, they do not want to talk about it in public anymore.

“Pangit sa mga bata na nakikita nila ang magulang nila na nagbabatuhan ng putik. Iyon naman ay para sa amin na lang,”



What matters is that Romnick and Harlene are okay.

Whatever the problem, they are the only ones who know and do not need to argue in public.

A few days ago, Romnick Sarmenta posted a long letter on his Facebook page on June 15, Monday afternoon.



Romnick has thanked those who have supported his showbiz career since he was four years old.

He has been an actor for over four decades

According to Romnick, it came to the public knowledge that they had separated Harlene in 2018, but did not elaborate on the reason, and did not want to talk about it.

He emphasized that no third party was involved.



Romnick added that he deeply respects the mother of his children.

He also told that he still cares about his ex-wife’s privacy and happiness.

Overall, the actor wants to protect their children from the accusations and comments thrown at their parents.


OPEN LETTERThis is a long read.An open letter for anyone who wants to know where I stand on some personal…

Posted by Romnick Sarmenta on Monday, June 15, 2020


He will remain the father and friend of their children to Harlene, no matter what.

Romnick was consistent in these statements.

What can you say?



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