Agot Isidro Took A Swipe At Jinkee Pacquiao’s Expensive Hermes And LV Bikes

Singer-actress Agot Isidro appeared to took a swipe at Senator Manny Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee Pacquiao.

Agot, 53, appealed for “sensitivity” to Jinkee, 41, after the latter posted on Instagram the luxury bicycles.


The couple bikes are from Paris-based luxury retailers Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

Jinkee posted a picture of their bicycles last July 3. The bikes was shown stylishly parked at their mansion in General Santos City.




This Thursday, July 9, Agot retweeted a news item about Jinkee’s couple bikes.

Agot did not mention the name of Jinkee in her tweet, but her message to the world boxing champion’s wife was clear.


Agot said the whole world knows that the Pacquiao family is a billionaire.


And no one should be concerned about what the family does with their resources.


However, due to the four months of the C0VID19 pandemic, many are in desperate need today.


Agot then said that hopefully Jinkee will show at least some “sensitivity” when posting his beloved

bikes during the pandemic.


“Alam namin na marami kayong pera.”

“At kung ano ang gusto ninyong gawin sa pera na yun, wala kaming pakialam.”

“Pero marami rin ang walang trabaho at nagkukumahog humanap ng pera para may pakain sa kanilang pamilya.”

“Puede ba, konting sensitivity man lang?”


Agot even used the hashtag #nouveau, a French word that meant something new.

The word is commonly used to abbreviate the noun “nouveau riche.”

According to Merriam-Webster, the nouveau riche is “a person newly rich.”



According to a British newspaper, the Daily Mail, it was last October 2013 when Hermes handmade bicycles were launched. The price for each bicycle is a whopping $ 10,750 (PHP531,265) each.

Meanwhile, netizens have mixed reaction towards Agot’s posts. A few agreed that Jinkee should have be sensitive especially in this trying times.



But many of the comments said that Agot tirade seems to stem from her jealousy of Jinkee’s priced possessions.


Some even question her out as she singled out Manny’s wife while other famous celebrities also posts their expensive things on social media.

What can you say?


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